The basic purposes and goals of the association are:

  1. To be the main non-governmental organization in Slovenia that informs the public about the ideas, goals and activities of the UN.
  2. Aspiration for the promotion and honouring of human rights and fighting poverty with an emphasis on the role of the individuals, groups and states.
  3. Promotion of tolerance, mutual understanding, solidarity and cooperation among nations and people, regardless of language, race, gender, religion or belief.
  4. To coordinate and develop activities of our members and other groups and individuals active in the subject area of the UN.
  5. To cooperate with other organisations contributing to the development of and supporting the UN, especially the United Nations Information Service Vienna (UNIS Vienna) and the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA).
  6. Attracting new members and supporters.
  7. Stimulating the research of the UN and its activities, informing and educating about the goals of the UN Charter and about the work of the UN System.