Our mission is to spread the purposes and principles of the United Nations. We try to cultivate an atmosphere where one feels not a stranger but a part of the UN family. It is our aim to bring the Organization closer to the people and give them a feeling that the world would be worse off, if the Organization would not exist.

We exercise our mission through our activities, which are:

  • informing the public about the ideas, goals and activities of the UN;
  • maintaining a library with informative and specialised publications by the UN and its agencies, as well as other publications on various other subjects;
  • gathering, translating and making available various important international documents, books and other publications on the subject of UN and international relations;
  • awarding prizes to graduate and post-graduate students for the best dissertations on this topic;
  • organizing regular lectures and panels about topics connected to the UN;
  • organizing campaigns and celebrations on UN international days;
  • carrying out special educational programmes focusing on primary and secondary schools with UN topics;
  • organizing excursions to various UN institutions.