Young delegates discussed the challenges of energy security

On the third day of the conference, the participants met with former president of the Republic of Slovenia Professor Danilo Türk, PhD (in the middle), and discussed energy security and its current challenges and developments in the international community. (Photo - UNAS)

Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC), first Slovenian Model United Nations (MUN) Club which is part of the United Nations Association of Slovenia Youth Section, organized in cooperation with Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs Graz a MUN simulation titled »Youth Conference on Energy Security«. The conference was held between 8 and 11 July 2014 at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. The conference was attended by more than 40 participants from Slovenia and Austria, as well as from some other countries (Croatia, India, Italy, Macedonia, Kosovo, Poland and Serbia). Participants tested their negotiations skills as delegates in two committees: Joint Cabinet Crisis which discussed the situation in Ukraine; and G20 meeting with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) representatives at which the delegates debated about energy security and phasing out the reliance on fossil fuels. As part of the conference, round tables and workshops were organized.


Summer School on the United Nations: Youth Competencies for the Challenges of the Globalized World

United Nations Association of Slovenia organizes the “Summer school on the United Nations: Youth competencies for the challenges of the globalized world” – a 3-days youth conference which will be attended by young activists aged between 18 and 30 years. The conference will be organized in Ljubljana between 10 and 12 September 2014.


Workshops on intercultural dialogue for students of Slovenian primary and secondary schools

(Foto - splet)The United Nations Association of Slovenia prepared a workshop on intercultural dialogue and is carrying it out in Slovenian primary and secondary schools in cooperation with Slovenian national commission for UNESCO.


Roundtable on women in peacekeeping operations

Introductory speech by the President of UNAS at the event. (Photo - Jana Mahorčič)

On Tuesday, September 27, the roundtable on women in peacekeeping operations took place at the United Nations Association of Slovenia. The roundtable was moderated by Dr. Janja Vuga, an assistant professor in the Chair of Defence Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, and an expert on military sociology and peacekeeping operations. Other participants were Major Nataša Zorman, a member of the Slovenian Armed Forces, Deputy Commander of ISAF contingent in KFOR, Anita Baltić, a member of the Slovenian Police, head of the Slovenian police contingent in EULEX Kosovo and Melita Šinkovec, civil functional expert.


Slovenian delegation participated at MOSTIMUN in Bosnia and Herzegovina

MUNSC delegation with MUNLaws Secretary-General Lena Šutanovac composing the Slovenian team. (Photo - MUNSC)This April, the Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC) delegation attended MOSTIMUN - the sixth edition of the only university-level Model United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in the wonderful and welcoming city of Mostar. Our delegation was represented by Rok Jamnik, Ana Kristovič, Tilen Lamut, Jernej Maučec, Meliha Muherina, Nina Pejič, Urban Špital and Vid Tomič as a head delegate and chief motivator. Sadly, our fellow member Rok went home unexpectedly too early, but took part at the conference for one remarkable day.