Something good for the future of the association and its library

The smell of dusty furniture, lively chatter of volunteers and youthful energy. This was spreading from the storage room at the headquarters of the UN Association of Slovenia the past weekend. To mark the Day of changes the volunteers of Slovenian UN Association decided it was time to roll up their sleeves and arrange a cleaning action to organize association headquarters and make them ready for new projects in the coming year.

Friday and Saturday were devoted to team building and organizing the Association headquarters at Cankarjeva 1/II, that have been home to UN Association of Slovenia since 1962.

In addition to offices, archive room and storage the headquarters of the UN Association of Slovenia also hosts an extensive library. It is filled with UN publications and materials, technical literature about the work of the UN and other international issues, books, magazines, newspapers and publications of the individual Member States of the United Nations on international issues and domestic political, geographical, economic, social, educational and cultural services and other aspects of their situation and development.

In light of a coming project when  UN Association Slovenia library will become available to the general public, one of the objectives of this year’s Day of changes was to re-organize all bibliographic material.

In addition to doing something good for the association and its library, the volunteers also had a lot of fun. As a result of chatting, bonding and exchanging ideas, many new projects were born.