Study Trip to Cyprus

United Nations Youth Association Network (UNYANET) is organizing a Study Trip to Cyprus between 28 August and 5 September 2015. All members of the youth section of the UNA Slovenia are invited to participate. Application is open till 20 March 2015.

Study trip to Cyprus is a result of cooperation between UNYANET and United Nations Youth Association Switzerland – JUNES. The project includes two preliminary workshops in April and July in Switzerland. These workshops will help you gain an insight into the political background of this mission and into the complexity of the current situation in Cyprus. The workshops in Switzerland are optional and can also be joined online. To conclude a study trip a final discussion will be held in October in Switzerland.

In Cyprus we will visit the longest-running Peacekeeping Mission of the UN (UNFICYP), which was established under United Nations Security Council Resolution in 1964 to prevent further violence between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. We will also talk to a blue helmet soldier and meet many other crucial and remarkable organizations in Cyprus.

UNFICYP is the longest-running UN Peacekeeping mission. The Mission’s responsibilities expanded in 1974, following a coup d’etat by Greek Cypriots and a subsequent military intervention by Turkey, whose troops established control over the northern part of the island. Since a ceasefire 1974, UNFICYP has supervised the ceasefire lines, provided humanitarian assistance and maintained a buffer zone between the Turkish Cypriot forces in the north and the Greek Cypriot forces in the south.

Applications for the study trip are open for all members of the youth section of the UNA Slovenia till 20 March 2015. To apply send en email to Your application has to include your CV and a short motivation letter that shows us why you are the person that we need to take along to Cyprus. Participation is free of charge and estimated price of stay will be forwarded to you later. For more information visit UNYANET webpage: