MUNSC two-day conference 2015: Situation in Somalia

(Photo - MUNSC)Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana hosted another MUNSC conference that took place on the 13th and 14th of February 2015. This year MUNSC members were transported in a year 1993 during the ongoing escalation of the situation in Somalia. The conference was officially opened with a speech by professor Dr. Bojko Bučar, the president of the UN Association of Slovenia, followed by a short address of the Secretary-General of the conference Vid Tomić.

As always, crisis team was present in the committee to make sure that intensity and excitement level at the conference will remain as high as possible. Although first few hours indicated a swift and clear response from the Council, it did not take long for things to turn bad. Crisis team provided reports of the alleged friendly fire incident between US forces and Pakistani forces which resulted in death of 70 members of Pakistani military personnel. From that moment on Security Council became extremely divided and was unable to function properly.

(Photo - MUNSC)After receiving another report from the crisis team that Somali conflict spilled over the boarders in parts of Djibouti and Ethiopia it became clear that a swift response was needed. Preparations for draft resolution were made in absence of the US delegate. Due to the absence of the US in the Council and clear indications that the US had been involved in the conflict in a dubious way, the members of the Security Council decided to declare the US a party to the dispute and thus aimed to send a message across. After heated discussions all parties were able to achieve a compromise. Even though the US were prevented from voting on a final resolution all of their objections were taken into account and the Security Council was able to pass a final document that authorized new peacekeeping mission with a very wide mandate. Council also authorized the Secretary-General to analyze the information about mass violations of international humanitarian law, both in Somalia and other countries affected by the on-going conflict and about the possibility of establishing an internationalized judicial mechanism for the prosecution of the violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, of Second Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1977, and other violations of international humanitarian law.

Final document was accepted with 14 votes in favor and 1 against. Conference ended with a short final ceremony that was conducted in a relaxed environment. MUNSC members showed a wide array of skills, knowledge of the UN system and ingenuity and thus impressed the members of MUNSC EB. We cannot wait for the next session!