MUNSC Second Mock Session – Internet as a human right

At the end of November, MUNSC members met on another mock session in Human Rights Council in order to discuss the topic: Internet as a human right. Debate was tense and passionate and it mostly evolved around the dilemma of internet as an opportunity or a clear threat to society and individuals as well. We could hear some contrasting views on the nature of the internet use, its problems and possibilities, as well as the role of the state in the regulation of the cyber-space.

As expected, there was no consensus reached on the underlying question whether internet constitutes a human right or no. However, MUNSC members showed great level of argumentation skills and a desired level of humor which reflected the relaxed mood in the room. Let us end with an interesting quote from the session which represents a response from the UK delegate to the Russian proposal to introduce ID cards as a precondition to access the internet. »There is a great difference between entering the night club and accessing the internet«. MUNSC EB members believe that it is extremely hard to refute these words of wisdom and we hope to see more of them in the future.