MUNSC two-day event in December

(Photo - MUNSC)Last week, MUNSC held a two-day event of workshops and a mock session. Firstly, members got familiarized with how to do a proper research on the country they represent and how to write a good position paper. Senior members shared their experiences and MUN knowledge so that everyone would be ready for taking part in upcoming conferences. Next, another workshop took place and this one was about resolution writing. Since most of the time MUN conference is considered successful if a document is adopted at the end, we made sure that MUNSC members are very skilled in resolution writing. Both workshops were very interactive and everyone was very active, so MUNSC EB is very satisfied with the outcome.

(Photo - MUNSC)The second day a mock session was held in order for MUNSC members to test their knowledge from workshops and upgrade their MUN skills. UN Security Council was simulated on the topic of “Ebola as threat to international peace and security”. The aim of the mock session was to debate, deliberate and to propose amendments to the draft resolution sponsored by Australia. Everyone was very active in lobbying for their proposals however we failed to approve the resolution. The delegation of the People’s Republic of China was dissatisfied and thus exercised its veto power. Yet again, we had a great time during the debate and we were happy to see everyone so involved.