MUNSC workshop: Structure of the international community

(Photo - Nikolina Čenić)On the 13th of November 2014, Model United Nations Slovenia Club (MUNSC) members gathered at the Faculty of Social Sciences to attend this academic year's first workshop, entitled “Structure of the International Community”. Ana Kristovič, Vid Tomić and Rok Jamnik prepared an interesting interactive presentation, aimed mostly for our MUNSC members with no academic background in International Relations. Within this broad framework, the two senior MUNSC members and the current Head Delegate brought to the audience’s attention concepts which they will need to understand very well for the purposes of participating in MUN simulations.

(Photo - Nikolina Čenić)

Starting with the Kellog-Briand Pact of 1928, peaceful settlement of dispute has been discussed, along with human rights, the United Nations and its system, the main UN bodies and their authority, the structure of the international community in terms of system, factors, actors, norms and processes/relations, and many other important topics. During and after the presentation, participants engaged in the debate by posing questions and discussing the topic more in depth. The debate was also vivid during the following social gathering.

Article by: Karolina Praček