MUNSC’s third introductory meeting

(Photo - MUNSC)

On Monday, 13 October 2014, MUNSC’s third Executive Board organized the academic year’s introductory meeting at the premises of the United Nations Association of Slovenia (UNAS). For the third time, MUNSC welcomed some familiar and many new faces on the Slovenian MUN scene by introducing the club, our previous successes, UNAS, the Executive Board and our plans for the next 12 months. Moreover, the guest speaker, Professor Dr. Bojko Bučar, UNAS President and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, addressed the audience in his welcoming speech.

This year’s MUNSC president Nikolina Čenić, vice-president Meliha Muherina, head delegate Vid Tomić, secretary-treasurer Karolina Praček, and UNAS Youth Section’s president Adriana Aralica, were enthusiast about the great number of young people interested in MUNSC activities, especially MUN beginners and those with no background in political science. For sure, they will become MUN enthusiasts in no time. The new Executive Board explained what MUNSC has planned for this academic year: the regular mock simulations, useful workshops regarding MUN activities, meeting interesting guests, weekend simulations, delegations to MUN conferences abroad, another youth conference in summer 2015 and, of course, teambuilding. Members can engage in MUNSC activities in different ways: as delegates, chairpersons, journalists, photographers, organizers (everything from helping with logistics and planning social events to finding sponsors who would support MUNSC activities financially or materially), and, most importantly, they can propose their own ideas how to improve MUNSC and its activities, and how they see themselves benefiting the process.

MUNSC is always looking forward to greet new members; as the Executive Board said on Monday, if you are interested in meeting new talented individuals, making new friends, improving your knowledge of English, the United Nations and different internationally relevant topics, gaining or improving your rhetorical and organizational skills, and much more, we are looking forward to see you at our next activity. You can join us by sending your application at For more information see

Article by: Karolina Praček