The United Nations is celebrating International Day of Charity

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5 September is significant day for United Nations. As world leading organisation it commemorates the International Day of Charity.

Poverty persists in all regions of the world, ‎regardless of their economic, social and cultural situation, particularly in developing countries. United Nations recognize the role of charity and the efforts that are made by various organizations. For this special occasion Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: „Charity plays a significant role in the work of the United Nations and its agencies. On this International Day, I call on people everywhere to act on the charitable impulse that resides in every human being – to start giving and to keep on giving.“

As today we are commemorating day of charity we should draw our attention to poor regions of the world. One of most significant issues that are worth to mention is hunger in the world. Millions of people are starving to death and are in need of  help. United Nations have many organisations that fights these issues in the world poorest areas. World Food Programme is part of United Nations system and has its significant role today. On average, World Food Programme  reaches more than 80 million people with food assistance in 75 countries each year. About 11,500 people work for the organization, most of them in remote areas, directly serving the hungry poor. Hunger is only one out of many issues that United Nations are fighting together with other non-governmental organisations. The International Day of Charity encourages everyone to contribute to any kind of charity, it could be helping someone who is hungry, or supporting someone who is facing violence.

On this International Day of Charity, the United Nations invites all Member States and all international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to commemorate the Day in an appropriate manner, by encouraging charity, including through education and public awareness-raising activities.

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Prepared by: Karolina Kaušylaitė