Crisis in Ukraine – new UN focus

(Photo - AFP)United Nations Human Rights Office issued the report on current situation in Ukraine. In highly populated areas in Ukraine the loss of civilians has increased, average 36 people are being killed every day.

The report, prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) which covers the period from 16 July to 17 August, expresses dismay at the killing and wounding of civilians who are trapped in urban areas or attempting to flee the fighting in eastern Ukraine using “safe” corridors established by the Government.

United Nations set the new focus for Ukraine because of current intense events. Security Council holds emergency talks. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he is alarmed by what seems to be a “dangerous escalation” in the crisis in Ukraine with reports of intensified fighting in the country South–East near the border with Russia.

The longer this conflict goes on, the more harmful effects it places upon ordinary people. United Nations set Ukraine as it‘s new focus and the organisation commited to help Ukraine‘s government and provide support in three specific areas: security and stability in the region, additional supplies and humanitarian help for the areas that are more difficult to reach due to this crisis, also there will be longer-term rehabilitation efforts which are required, given the destruction of essential infrastructure. So the UN is supporting the assessment of the damage. As well, UN is working to ensure that there is a wide range of partners, donor countries, the World Bank and others, who could support with resources longer-term reconstruction efforts.

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Prepared by: Karolina Kaušylaitė