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It’s ‘time to #EndTB’, says UN on World Tuberculosis Day

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Ned, 24.03.2019 - 09:25
Tuberculosis, or TB, is not only the world's top infectious killer, it is also the leading cause of deaths among people with HIV and a major cause of antimicrobial resistance-related deaths, the United Nations health agency said on Sunday, World Tuberculosis Day. 

UN condemns ‘unspeakable’ attack that leaves scores dead in central Mali

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Ned, 24.03.2019 - 03:46
The United Nations has strongly condemned the armed attack on a village in restive central Mali which reportedly left at least 134 people dead and dozens wounded early on Saturday.

UN chief welcomes establishment of inclusive government in Central African Republic

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Ned, 24.03.2019 - 02:48
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed the establishment in the Central African Republic (CAR) of a government in line with an early February peace deal struck with more than a dozen armed groups active in the country.

Cyclone Idai: UNICEF warns of ‘race against time’ to protect children, prevent spread of disease in flood-ravaged Mozambique

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Sob, 23.03.2019 - 18:14
A week after the flooded Mozambican port of Beira was hit by Cyclone Idai, “aid agencies are barely beginning to see the scale of the damage”, the head of UNICEF said on Saturday, as she called for more international support to help quickly get relief to more than a million people across the country and prevent the possible spread of waterborne diseases like cholera.

UN commission agrees roadmap on ensuring women’s social protection, mobility, safety, and access to economic opportunities

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Sob, 23.03.2019 - 16:23
The UN body exclusively dedicated to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment wrapped up its annual session on Friday evening with agreement on ways to safeguard  and improve women’s and girls’ access to social protection systems, public services and sustainable infrastructure.

The sun’s impact on Earth and weather celebrated, as planet marks World Meteorological Day

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Sob, 23.03.2019 - 02:00
Against a background of serious warnings against the effects of climate change, World Meteorological Day this year celebrates the crucial role played by the sun in powering all life on Earth, and in driving the weather, ocean currents and the hydrological cycle.

Gender equality, justice in law and practice: Essential for sustainable development

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Sob, 23.03.2019 - 00:44
Fundamentally linked to human development, gender justice requires ending inequality and redressing existing disparities between women and men, according to a high-level United Nations forum on the situation in Arab States.

‘Mosques should be safe havens, not sites of terror’, says Guterres announcing UN plan to help safeguard religious sites

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 22.03.2019 - 23:03
In the wake of a horrific mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has announced his intention to launch a UN action plan for the safeguarding of religious sites, declaring that “mosques and all places of prayer and contemplation should be safe havens, not sites of terror.”

UN conference agrees better ways for Global South countries to work together on sustainable development

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 22.03.2019 - 22:48
The Second High-Level UN Conference on South-South Cooperation, known as BAPA+40, concluded on Friday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a political declaration agreed by more than 160 Member States renewing the global commitment in the promotion and investment in this type of collaboration between countries.

Short survey: UN News wants to know what you think

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 22.03.2019 - 21:52
UN News, your one-stop shop for all global and UN-related news, would like to hear from you through a short survey. 

Hunger, displacement and disease: 4.3 million people remain in dire need of aid in Chad

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 22.03.2019 - 19:56
With Chad at a crossroads of life-threatening challenges ranging from violence to drought, the United Nations and its humanitarian partners appealed on Thursday for $476 million to support the most vulnerable of 4.3 million people relying on aid in the African country.

UN chief calls for ‘far greater support’ for Cyclone Idai response

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 22.03.2019 - 19:35
The world needs to step up support for the survivors of Tropical Cyclone Idai, the UN Secretary-General said on Friday, in a strong personal appeal as relief workers rush to provide aid to people stranded across the storm countries in southern Africa.

Ferry capsizes near Mosul, UN chief offers solidarity, support ‘as needed’ 

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 22.03.2019 - 17:15
As many Iraqis across the country celebrated Norwuz, the first day of spring, a passenger ferry in the Tigris River capsized on Thursday, prompting Secretary-General António Guterres to offer the United Nations’ support “as needed”. 

More children killed by unsafe water, than bullets, says UNICEF chief

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 22.03.2019 - 02:25
A lack of safe water, is far deadlier for children than war in more than a dozen conflict-affected countries, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Thursday, in a report launched to coincide with World Water Day, marked on 22 March.

Education critical to ensure future of forests, and reverse their destruction

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Čet, 21.03.2019 - 22:16
The UN drew attention to the vital role that forests play in addressing some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges on Thursday, and the importance of tackling the issues that threaten them, such as deforestation, and land degradation.

Service and Sacrifice: Malaysian peacekeepers in Lebanon proud to serve their homeland and the United Nations

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Čet, 21.03.2019 - 20:46
Peacekeepers from Malaysia serving under the United Nations flag in Lebanon face a “a totally new experience” according to the commander of the Malaysian contingent in the country.

‘Massive and protracted’ humanitarian crisis in DR Congo can be ‘beaten back’ if donors step up

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Čet, 21.03.2019 - 19:42
“Urgent and sustained funding” for a Government-led response to what is now a “massive and protracted” humanitarian crisis across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is required, said the head of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN relief chief on Thursday.

Marking international day, UN experts call for urgent action to end racial discrimination, in wake of New Zealand anti-Muslim attack

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Čet, 21.03.2019 - 18:14
States must take urgent action, to “stem the tide of hate and discrimination” and ramping up of “ethno-nationalist populism”, which helped fuel the deadly shootings in two New Zealand mosques last Friday by a self-declared white supremacist, several top UN officials and human rights experts have stressed, marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Idai disaster: Stranded victims still need rescue from heavy rains as UN scales up response

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Čet, 21.03.2019 - 16:54
Dire conditions persist in vast areas of southern Africa affected by Cyclone Idai as heavy rain continues to cause “massive destruction”, the UN said on Thursday, while aid teams scale up efforts to reach those most in need.

‘Growing alarm’ over Fall Armyworm advance, with cash crops ‘under attack’ across Asia

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Čet, 21.03.2019 - 03:00
The Fall Armyworm pest is continuing to sweep across the globe, having moved eastwards from their native Americas, onto Africa, before arriving in Asia only last summer, where they now threaten to cost farmers from India to Thailand, billions of dollars in lost production.