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Number of migrants now growing faster than world population, new UN figures show

The growing number of international migrants has now reached 272 million, outpacing the growth rate of the world’s population, according to new data from the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), released on Tuesday.

Five avoidable deaths per minute shows urgent need for action on patient safety

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With at least five people dying every minute due to unsafe health care, the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging medical professionals, policy makers, caregivers and patients to take urgent action to ensure no one is harmed while receiving treatment.

One million facing food shortages, nutrition crisis after Mozambique cyclones: UNICEF

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Such was the extent of devastation caused by two back-to-back cyclones in Mozambique earlier this year, nearly one million people, including 160,000 children under five, are still facing food shortages and a nutrition crisis, the UN children’s agency, UNICEF, said on Monday.

Monday’s Daily Brief: Ozone layer heals, 'regional conflagration' risk rises over oilfield attacks, South Sudan update, Myanmar genocide threat remains

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A recap of Monday’s top stories: The ozone layer is on track to repair; Instability rises over oilfield attacks in Saudi Arabia; General Assembly chief Espinosa bows out; Disaster and conflict displace thousands in Asia Pacific; Sexual violence unpunished in South Sudan; Genocide threat remains for Rohingya.

‘Champion for multilateralism’ readies to hand over UN General Assembly gavel

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Through consultation, collaboration and consensus, the UN chief on Monday described outgoing President of the General Assembly, María Fernanda Espinosa, as “a champion for multilateralism” who had succeeded in making the United Nations “relevant to all”.

Attack on Saudi facilities risks dragging Yemen into ‘regional conflagration’: UN Envoy

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Attacks against oil facilities in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, claimed by rebel fighters in Yemen, are a sign that the war-torn country could be drawn into even greater conflict, the top United Nations official there told the Security Council on Monday.

Ozone on track to heal completely in our lifetime, UN environment agency declares on World Day.

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At the current momentum, scientists predict the planet’s protective shield of gas - or ozone layer as we know it - will be completely healed as far as some regions of the planet are concerned, by the 2030’s, the UN’s environmental agency (UNEP) revealed on Monday.

Genocide threat for Myanmar’s Rohingya greater than ever, investigators warn Human Rights Council

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Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Rohingya who remain in Myanmar may face a greater threat of genocide than ever, amid Government attempts to “erase their identity and remove them from the country”, UN-appointed independent investigators said on Monday.

UN General Assembly: Here are the 5 big summits to watch out for

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It’s that time again, when the eyes of the world turn to New York, as world leaders fly into the city to take part in the General Debate that marks the opening of the latest session of the UN General Assembly, or UNGA.

Guterres calls for ‘maximum restraint’ following drone assault on key Saudi oil facility

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The UN Secretary-General appealed on Sunday for “maximum restraint" following a wave of drone attacks claimed by Houthi rebels in Yemen, against two Saudi Arabian-based petroleum processing facilities, which threaten to disrupt global oil supplies. 

UN chief urges ‘active, substantive and meaningful participation’ on International Day of Democracy

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On the International Day of Democracy, the United Nations chief urged each Government to respect its citizens’ right to “meaningful participation” in the political process.

In The Bahamas, Guterres sees impact of ‘Category Hell’ hurricane, ‘powered by climate change’ 

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Ned, 15.09.2019 - 01:16
The UN chief saw for himself the deadly power of Hurricane Dorian on the shattered islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama on Saturday, describing it as more like a “Category Hell” disaster, than the official Category 5 designation used by meteorologists. 

In visit to hurricane-ravaged Bahamas, UN chief calls for greater action to address climate change

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World leaders attending the upcoming UN Climate Action Summit are being urged to show up armed not with speeches but with plans to achieve carbon neutrality, reduce emissions and improve adaptation.

UNESCO food and culture forum dishes up fresh serving of SDGs

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 13.09.2019 - 23:20
Strengthening cultural heritage and culture-related food practices boosts social inclusion, economic development and well-being, the UN’s deputy culture chief told participants at the UNESCO agency’s World Forum on the matter, on Friday.

UN General Assembly celebrates 20 years of promoting a culture of peace

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Just as the greatest global challenges cannot be solved by a single country, peace cannot be pursued in isolation, outgoing UN General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa said on Friday.

Friday’s Daily Brief: 12 million may miss school, Bangladesh and Mali updates, Kenya’s malaria vaccine, land degradation pact

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 13.09.2019 - 22:21
A recap of Friday’s top stories: 12 million children may never go to school; Monsoon rains crush Rohingya shelters; 3.9 million Malians in need of humanitarian aid; Kenya launches malaria vaccine; and agreement made to neutralize land degradation.

Delhi Declaration: Countries agree to make ‘land degradation neutrality’ by 2030, a national target for action

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 13.09.2019 - 21:43
A major UN conference on fighting desertification agreed on Friday to make the Sustainable Development Goal target of achieving “land degradation neutrality” (LDN), a national target for action.

INTERVIEW: Poverty, education and inclusion top new General Assembly President’s priority list

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 13.09.2019 - 19:24
Back in June, Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, was elected by acclamation to preside over the 74th session of the General Assembly, which kicks off in New York in just over a week.

Around 12 million children may never see a classroom, UN data reveals

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 13.09.2019 - 17:59
New data published by the United Nations cultural agency on Friday, reveals that without taking urgent measures, around 12 million young children will never set foot inside a school, with girls facing “the greatest barriers”.

Monsoon destroys Rohingya shelters, sparking record UN emergency food agency response in Bangladesh

Splošne novice OZN (v angleščini) - Pet, 13.09.2019 - 17:35
Unusually heavy monsoon rains have inundated shelters in refugee camps in southern Bangladesh creating “havoc”, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday, as it launched its biggest emergency response of the year for displaced Rohingya families.